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eScopes starter kit
eScopes starter kit

This is the software that you need to start your eScopes business.


The starters package includes
  • The software. In order to run properly it needs Windows 7 or higher.
  • 50 sets of printouts. Wholesale worth €60 but when sold retail will provide between €300 and €500+ of income. (depending of course on how much you sell each set of printouts for).
  • Free account setup. Your account on our server gives you access to all your invoices, software updates, instructional materials, and downloadable promotional items to help you sell eScopes.
  • Your own DNA code that binds your software to your computer, preventing anyone from stealing your business.
  • Remote installation and set-up. You choose the date and time and one of our consultants will remotely install the software on your computer and make sure that your printer and scanner are hooked up properly. (requires Skype and remote software installed)
  • Free updates for life. Start the eScopes software when you have an internet connection and any available updates are automatically downloaded and installed.
  • Free training and software manuals to help you get the most out of eScopes.
Before you place your order, please be aware of the following
  • You need to have a computer running Windows 7 or higher.
  • To do a palm analysis, you need a Windows compatible scanner attached to your computer.
  • To print the reports, you also need a Windows compatible printer.
  • Even though an internet connection is not needed for daily use, it is necessary for the following
    • Remote installation and setup.
    • Registering your copy of the software with our server.
    • Checking for and receiving software updates.
    • Checking for and receiving purchased sets of printouts.
    • Accessing your account on our server.