the aura analysis story

Once upon a time

(circa 1985), I started to attend psychic fairs with my eScopes software.

One of my fellow exhibitors had an aura camera, a large box encasing a polaroid camera, that snapped customer photos and delivered a colorful picture, a persons head with a swirl of color(s) surrounding it, which was then handed out with a booklet, which gave an explaination as to what it meant if there were certain colors in your aura.

I said to myself, I can do better

But saying and doing are two different things and it took until mid 2011 to find and develop the right technology to be able to make a digital aura photo.

The final product is a two sided printout with a Polaroid sized photo in the center of the first page, surrounded by text which details the amount (percentage) of each of the 16 colors found in the picture and a description (high, above average, average, below average, low) of what these percentages of the colors or frequencies mean for the customer.

The printout is then laminated before the customer takes it home.

and we all lived happily ever after

~ shaun ~